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Unless otherwise noted, all courses held at
Bellingham Technical College (BTC).
Register with BTC via phone 360-752-8350,
email registration@btc.edu
or visit their website by clicking here.
Use the BTC Item # for the Course(s)
you wish to take.
Contact Education Officer for more information.


You Must Register with BTC by
Noon on 5/22/2020

This course will be taught online through BTC. Textbook is included in course fee. The course is composed of textbook readings, real time discussion once a week, curated slides and videos, and email discussion.

Build boating confidence and competence for safe and fun on-the-water adventures. Seamanship provides a foundation of knowledge and skills in boat handling and maneuvering, boat operation, skipper's responsibilities, and boating techniques that will advance your boating enjoyment. The course uses emergency scenarios to help integrate and apply a variety of safe boating concepts.

You Must Register with BTC by
Noon on 5/22/2020

Tuesday Evenings: 7:00-8:00 pm
May 26 thru Jun 30, 2020
$140.00: BTC Item #4577
Education Officer.