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Unless otherwise noted, all courses held at
Bellingham Technical College (BTC).
Register with BTC via phone 360-752-8350,
email registration@btc.edu
or visit their website by clicking here.
Use the BTC Item # for the Course(s)
you wish to take.
Contact Education Officer for more information.

Marine Engine Maintenance

This course takes the mystery out of the internal combustion engine. The class learns troubleshooting and routine maintenance of gas fueled, diesel and outboard engines. This is the perfect class for those moments out on the water when the engine overheats or refuses to start, also perfect for saving hundreds of dollars of routine maintenance costs per year.

Wednesday Evenings: 6:00-9:00 pm
Jan 9 - Feb 27
Members $95.00: BTC Item #4572
Non-members $129.00: BTC Item #4573

Marine Piloting

This United States Power Squadrons course teaches the basics of coastal navigation. Interpret marine charts, then plot and navigate courses. Use the mariner’s compass and convert between True and Magnetic. Use GPS to set up waypoints and routes. Pre-plan safe courses. Determine your position by both GPS and traditional techniques. Learn about the "Seaman’s Eye."

Monday Evenings: Jan 7 - Mar 11
Members $105.00: MARIN 115 Item #4565
Non-members $140.00: MARIN 115 Item #4566
or contact the Education Officer.

Introduction to
Boating Skills and Safety

This course is provided in partnership with the Bellingham Power Squadron chapter of the US Power Squadrons. It qualifies for WA state boater education card. Includes government safety regulations, boat types, adverse weather and emergency conditions, radio procedures, navigation rules, anchoring, knots, trailering, and water sports safety. Charting and GPS procedures feature emphasis on local waters. Registration fee includes textbook. Course includes an optional 4-hour on-water session with a USPS instructor. Students (or student couples) will use a NOAA chart 18421 and a pair of navigation dividers. Instructor will discuss options for purchase at local marine stores and printing shops.

Course qualifies for WA Boater Education Card

Tuesday Evenings: 6:30-8:30 pm
Jan 8 thru Feb 26, 2019
$110.00: BTC Item #4560